I am TOTALLY late, but the grand opening was a BLAST. We had lots of fun. There was a lot of vouchers and gift cards thrown out.

The photo contest is open and will continue until the 28th of Feb. The highest voted is currently at 90! There is plenty of time to catch up. Come to the event, go shopping, TP in your friends and join the contest and/or vote! There is 10,000L up for grabs to the highest voted contestant!

We will have a CLOSING event with more music and more raffles.

Teleport Here!



Less than a week until sExposed begins! We have come a long way in such a short amount of time. I want all of you to hype yourselves up because this is going to be amazing.

The event kicks off at 1PM SLT on Feb 14th. We will have Andru Zanzibar DJing and live mixing for a few hours for your listening pleasure. There will be male and females on the dance floor to represent their place of employment as well as entertain you. Feel free to take a gander around the place to shop or find out more information about clubs that may interest you. Don’t forget to click the big raffle ball to have a chance to win a voucher from the clubs or giftcards from vendors. Clubs are providing lap dance and group vouchers so you can join their elite groups or get a lap dance (50% off or FREE!) from your favorite girl. Stores are also providing vouchers or gift cards so you can snag your favorite items (discounted or FREE!).

THERE WILL BE A 10,000L PHOTO CONTEST!!! It is 50L to join and 25L PER vote. If more people want to join, we will rez more boxes.

Listen to music, shop, tip the men and women who are entertaining you (if you like), tip the DJ, join our raffles and contests and most of all.. HAVE FUN.

News | Welcome Vendetta!


Tonym0ntana of Vendetta has joined us in this awesome event. He makes SEXY clothing for women and all of his clothes come with Lola (Tango/Mirage) and Phat/Cute Azz appliers. He does not have an inworld store yet, but don’t hesitate to visit his marketplace store!

Click for Vendetta on the Marketplace!

News | :Forever Young: is Sponsoring!


Hannah Lacombe will be our final Sponsor for the sExposed Convention. :Forever Young: is a store that creates sexy and cute clothing for females. Most of her new releases come with Lola (Tango/Mirage), Lush, Slink, and Phat/Cute Azz appliers. :FY: will be providing an exclusive as well as vouchers for our raffle winners!

Teleport to :FY:


Lots has changed in less than 24 hours. I would like to announce that Fappy and Holli Pocket will be sponsors now! Both stores will be providing gift cards for the raffle ball! We have LAND and all of the participants are setting up their stores.


There will be a Photo Contest. To enter the contest it is 50L and to vote it is 25L per vote. There will be a 10,000L prize to the winner. Make sure you TP your friends and buy as many votes as you want.

There will be DJs to entertain you with live music and live mixing.

There will be a raffle ball with club vouchers and gift cards and vouchers from the participating stores.

Later in the future we will actively host naughtier events as this is an ADULT convention.


First of all on the behalf of the sExposed Committee, I would like to thank everyone for promoting this event and all that it has to offer. I would like to announce NEW sponsors. Continue reading below.


Luck Inc has been around for a couple of years. CK Winx makes casual and naughty wear for the female community of Second Life.  He is also the original creator of the Phat Azz and Cute Azz. Most of his clothes come with Lola (Tango/Mirage), Phat Azz and Cute Azz appliers.

Teleport to Luck Inc.

stickyz logo11

StickyZ is a clothing store that caters to the female community of Second Life. His clothing comes with Lola (Tango/Mirage) and Phat/Cute Azz appliers. Mrohs Baxton will be providing gifts to the contest/raffle winners of the event. The winners will be able to choose up to a max of five (5) outfits from his store to be gifted to them for free.

Teleport to StickyZ.

[QE] Logo 1x1

Emmins13 Sygall provides clothes for the inner slut in all of us. All her clothes include boobs/azz/hands/feet appliers. She will be providing gifts and exclusive colors in certain items for our contest/raffle winners.

Teleport to QE Designs.